Marketing & Distribution

  We Supply other wholesalers within the all Yemeni cities. We work closely with Yemen’s manufacturers, which allows us to source any products that required by our customers.

Loren services are divided into five big areas that are managed In an integrated format

Our team is accustomed to the widely varying product needs of pharmacies and recognise the importance of helping you respond to short notice or urgent requirements. 

Distribution Cars, Yemen
Loren Network MAP, Yemen
Loren Network MAP, Yemen

Loren Biopharma pursues the tenders released by governmental and nongovernmental Institutions.
We have many clients whom we are proud to continue providing them with excellent services.
We are dedicated to the continuous development of our business and the level of service we provide our clients.

Governmental Institutions:-
Ministry of Health & Population-Central Public Health .
Ministry of Health and Population – Public Hospitals

Local Organizations:
Abs Development Organization
National Foundation for Development and Humanitarian Response, 

International Organizations:
WHO (Humanitarian and Relief )
Relief International (RI)
Adventist Development and Relief Agency. ADRA

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