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Loren Pharma
Loren Pharma is a leading distributor of pharmaceuticals & Medical Appliances. As a well-established brand in the Yemeni market, we have a strong product portfolio across various drug categories. We also provide a complete suite of customized marketing and financial services to our clients. By focusing on the requirements of all the interlinked customers and leveraging the individual brand strength, we have been creating value that lasts.
With the goal of delivering premium quality products and services at competitive prices, Loren Pharma continues to successfully introduce products in various markets at all Yemen cities and drive their growth. Loren Pharma has earned a good reputation for effective medical solutions and pharmaceutical services with cost efficient to meet clients’ needs. It has a professional and consultant team who has long experience in the field of medicine and health, in addition to its partnership with distinct academic staff that has good expertise related to labor market, educational foundations, and health foundations. 

our head office & warehousing
Loren Pharma has extensive offices and warehousing facilities in Sana'a and Aden. In additional to seven branches in main cities with the facility we maintain stocks to cover the market needs of our Pharmaceuticals and Medical Appliances divisions.



Our ultimate mission is to have a significant role and to contribute to the development of healthcare infrastructure in Yemen, thus, to become the preferred destination for healthcare service providers and professionals and to be recognized as the pioneers in helping communities live a healthier life.



Loren Company seeks to improve and develop people's life by helping health care providers to get approved medicines and medical technologies to relieve pain, maintain health, and treat diseases and develop an employment plan that ensures the career and professional development of our employees and satisfaction in the work done.



Correct communication, trust and transparency are among the fundamental values of our company and are implemented top-down; management is well aware that they set the standard in honoring these values.


Loren Biopharma

Product Types


Cardio Vascular Drugs
I. V. Infusions


Nephrology & Vaccines
Anti-Diabetics (Phase 3)

Medical Equipment 

Disposable Insulin Syringe
Infusion Set
Disposable IV Cannula
Medical Gloves
Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes

Our Business

Loren Biopharma pursues the tenders released by governmental and nongovernmental Institutions.
We have many clients whom we are proud to continue providing them with excellent services.
We are dedicated to the continuous development of our business and the level of service we provide our clients.

Governmental Institutions:-
Ministry of Health & Population-Central Public Health .
Ministry of Health and Population – Public Hospitals

Local Organizations:
Abs Development Organization
National Foundation for Development and Humanitarian Response, 

International Organizations:
WHO (Humanitarian and Relief )
Relief International (RI)
Adventist Development and Relief Agency. ADRA

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