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Our Business

Concentrated in Distribution and Marketing
with wide-ranging experience across healthcare and the pharmaceutical sector in Yemen

For Generic Pharmaceuticals, OTC branded and Biopharma, Loren team delivers quality products, at competitive prices, with the experienced, knowledgeable service you need to be able to order with confidence every time.

Loren Biopharma is licensed and regulated by the SBD "the authorities of medicines and healthcare products in Yemen". We operate with cold-chain facilities so we can meet the growing demand for temperature-controlled drugs, general formulation and OTC.

Loren team gives you fast, effective order processing and specialist expertise in sourcing and customer support.

With a wide range of local industries contacts backing up our in-house team, if any product or supply solution you are looking for is not available, we can advise on and source a suitable global alternative.

We provide full services to many customers:

Government Health Departments, Pharmaceutical Wholesalers, Pharmacies, Private Hospitals, 
Medical Centers & Clinics, Suppliers, Non-Governmental/Int. Organisations...etc

Organization Islamic Relief
Yemen Family Care Association
Relief International organization
Al-Balsam International Organization, Yemen
World Health Organization, Yemen
Yemen Ministry of Public Health
Care Responsible Organization
NCCF - National Cancer Control Foundation Yemen

Loren Biopharma

Product Types


Cardio Vascular Drugs
I. V. Infusions


Nephrology & Vaccines
Anti-Diabetics (Phase 3)

Medical Equipment 

Disposable Insulin Syringe
Infusion Set
Disposable IV Cannula
Medical Gloves
Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes

Our Business

Loren Biopharma pursues the tenders released by governmental and nongovernmental Institutions.
We have many clients whom we are proud to continue providing them with excellent services.
We are dedicated to the continuous development of our business and the level of service we provide our clients.

Governmental Institutions:-
Ministry of Health & Population-Central Public Health .
Ministry of Health and Population – Public Hospitals

Local Organizations:
Abs Development Organization
National Foundation for Development and Humanitarian Response, 

International Organizations:
WHO (Humanitarian and Relief )
Relief International (RI)
Adventist Development and Relief Agency. ADRA

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